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Training (Cardiac Performance)

Sunday 1 January 2017, by Imeru Alfonzo Hernandez

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Calculating your Maximum Heart Rate FCM (MHR)

The FMC (MCR) is the theoretical limit of pulsations that your heart can have in a minute of time, from there a series of basic calculations are derived that will serve as a pattern of our daily training.

A commonly used formula is:

FMC = 220 - Age

Currently, two are used;

FMC = 220 - Age -> Men

, and

FMC = 226 - Age -> Women

Once the FMC is known, we can establish some training zones, in order to better plan our activity or our training. A basic way to define the different zones would be the following:

Low intensity zone: 50 - 60% of the FCM

Heart rate that occurs when doing non-sports daily activities. It is recommended for recovery after major efforts.

Low to moderate intensity zone: 60 -70% of the FCM

Exercise in this area is recommended for the improvement of fitness and weight control.

Moderate aerobic intensity zone: 70 - 85% of FCM

Cardio training zone for people who exercise frequently, with a good physical shape. Trained athletes can stay in this area for long periods of time.

Anaerobic high intensity area: 85 - 100% FCM

Training zone or competition that is effective for high level athletes who want to increase their maximum capabilities. Anaerobic refers to the deficiency of oxygen in the blood, which causes accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, and that the body is not able to eliminate. Intensities close to the maximum FCM can only be maintained in short periods of time.

You can calculate your zones directly here Your Training zones

There is another method that relates body weight, known as Edwards Method and is as follows:

Men FMC = 220 - (Age / 2) - 1% of body weight +4

Women FMC = 220 - (Age / 2) - 1% of body weight

By this method you can calculate it here Zones of Edwards

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